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Because of the high number of requests for guest posts, exposure via social media, we’ve come up with introducing “Write for Us” page, with clearly explaining the guidelines. Long-lasting, well researched Content brewed with excellent interactive essence with advanced and innovative home based ideas.

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  9. Exterior Design
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Write for us to promote your Business, build network with linking your content and much more. Only original, promising, relevant, well-written Content will be considered. If you have published this article elsewhere, don’t bother submitting it here.

Informative and catchy Content is always welcomed that is informative and catchy with proper ways such as Heading and subheading that help the user in understanding the article and makes it neat and attractive.


Our trusted platform enables publishing that ignites well-researched thought-processing and actionable tips. Your topic must be relevant, and the submissions may include images that complement the Content.

Keep descriptive texts engaging with links text should describe the target of the link. Your links to credible sources can substantiate your claims and ideas. We are highly selective about what posts we publish. Your writing should be well written, engaging, unique, and informative


What we don’t appreciate is any promotional content. We strictly do not promote link-building or partnering schemes, and we don’t promote promotional Content. We don’t participate in promoting any content that involves affiliate marketing, and we recommend you to search out sites before submitting any idea or topic.

Write and create Content that provides our readers with actionable tips, tools, and valuable strategies.


Promotional articles should be made with the principles of non-selectivity, objectivity, and impartiality. They are supposed to be respectful with relevancy and audience targeted Content.

Always strive to write a topic to create the best post you ever published on the web.

We always look out for newer ideas and before sending us a message, consider what you’d like to pitch us.

Before writing to us, and send us the link with a piece written solely for us. We are always open and welcome original Content that hasn’t been published before online.

If you’ve got excellent ideas and have created Content that you’d like to partner with us to partner with and develop, then shoot us a message using the form below!


You should contain clear quality and advice interestingly with relevant information to take account to our audiences. The Content is exclusively written and the written Content should contain brightest insights and relevant information.

  1. The Content shouldn’t be used which already exists on our webpage for 101homeimprovement.com Your written
  2. Content must contain all necessary information that you want in the final version with mandatory links, link text, etc.
  3. No copyright infringe laws
  4. The written Content must include a headline, body text, and subtext..
  5. The article and Content written must be gone through Cityscapes and must be plagiarism free
  6. The Content must be engaging and unique


  1. We accept and publish 1,000-2.500 word-posts. You must have original Content and should be exclusive, not plagiarized by any means or form on our site.
  2. Your article to be published must be helpful and informative. Hence Feel free to have a sense of humor in writing, as long as it’s respectful to different people.
  3. You can use recent and sourced examples to illustrate the different points you make in your Content. We always look forward to source and back up everything with facts and data in the era of fake news.
  4. We love it when guest writers find a way to link back to our older posts related to the topic you’ll be writing about.
  5. You can cite quotes, data, images, or any other third party content by explaining each of your points with real and measurable examples.


We do have a handful of form attic with basic requests without having a detailed style guide. We require you to follow what will make your post easier to read: Write your post with Google Docs. Follow general best practices for web writing.

Concise sentences and brief paragraphs work best. This helps keep formatting clear and simple.

Make all screenshots 1360 pixels wide. It’s the easiest way to convert your Content into a Word Press post (using our Google Docs and WordPress integrations. Stick to H2 and H3 subheader levels.

Your Content will fit our blog width on Retina monitors making sure to include all images in a ZIP folder. Stick to H2 and H3 subheader levels. This helps keep formatting clear and simple.If any images have markup on them like arrows, text etc.

Please make sure to include a “clean” version as well a graphic designer on our team will help in creating and developing clean copy in order to recreate your screenshot in accordance with respective and mind blowing visual style.

Make sure you include images that are not comfortable or inappropriate. Your Content must be redesigned to fit our visual style and standards of our brand.

The images are often redesigned and can be included in guest content to maintain a good consistent visual identity across every publishing piece.

It should be attributed along with the original source links. Let us know if you’re uncomfortable with this, and we’ll see what we can work out. You get only one link and there is supposed to be absolutely no affiliate promotion of the Content.

Thanks for your interest in reading our precious words. We’re always looking for fresh insights from the sharpest minds in marketing to help our audience do their best work. Think you’re up to the task? Keep reading to learn, and don’t forget to mail us at serptrustmarketing@gmail.com


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