A beginner’s guide to passive fire protection

Civil engineers in recent times have made tremendous advancements in their field. Building the attractive and robust type of design which can even resist the natural calamities like earthquake and tsunami is very evident today. Adding to these, fire resistance is even essential. Fire lightened anywhere in the forest or the city areas, creating a dangerous situation in its surroundings. If the light in the forest area is sometimes uncontrollable, animals lead to an excellent hilarious condition.

Who is responsible for the passive fire protection?

Passive fire protection [PFP] is an integral component of the three of the fire systems working together as a unit. It is mainly involved in the fire resistance for the buildings. At the same time, it is constructing a building. If the passive fire protection is installed in it, if the building catches fire by chance, then the passive fire protection installed in it will take charge. It will help to take the fire in control or resist it from the fire effects.

Passive fire protection can be applied to the doors, windows, roof, etc., to protect the building from getting smashed off with the fire. In addition to that the peoples staying or working over there can easily be covered. This fire’s temperature is of significant level, and it needs a particular type of installment for the protection. The tolerance level of these passive firewalls and doors is around 150 degrees Celsius, which can control the fire’s spread or avoid it damage that area. 

Before the installation of the passive fire protection in the buildings, it is tested very well. Pacing a good quality of the fire-resistant wall is the main motive of the passive fire protection services. In the factories, to test the quality, a big slab is selected to pave the passive fire protection. The slab is set to fire, which is having a temperature of more than 1100 degrees Celsius. If water is poured into that slab, one can instantly see the water vapors evolving. After such high testing of the walls, they are paved in the buildings by the owners’ instruction.

The responsibility of the passive fire protection is of the below-mentioned person deserving a particular post:

  • The one who plans to install the fire protection in the buildings must have some high position and experience.
  • A person like the building owner who is investing the money on this project should hire the correct person to pave the passive fire protection to see its effectiveness.
  • Civil engineers mainly take the responsibility to pave the passive fire protection in the building.

Products of the passive fire protection

To take charge of protecting the people from the fire is of great responsibility. To create a useful product for fire protection, one should always look at the quality of the materials used in the production. The products like the calcium silicate and the gypsum present in the standard wall get melted when it comes to the higher temperature of the fire. Thus, the materials with a higher temperature than the fire should be used in the passive fire protection.

Although the entire building should be made from passive fire protection products, sometimes due to some financial problems or the person’s necessity, the products are varied. Scroll below to know more.

  • Fire protected walls: 

Fire protected walls are the main product of fire protection. If a room or quarter is paved with passive fire-protected walls, people can stay there if there is some fire around. These walls will help control the spread of the fire and smoke which is coming out of it. The smoke from the fire many times is proven to one of the reasons for the death of a person surrounding the fire.

  • Fire protected doors: 

Fire protected doors are needed to protect the fire from coming into a particular region in the buildings. These doors the vast and are made from a specific type of glass materials resistant to fire. Peoples for a short period are protected in that region, and they can escape easily from the building.

  • Fire protected ceiling: 

Fire protection is needed everywhere because one never knows where it can be evolved. Hence, many buildings prefer to make their ceiling also with passive fire protection. 

  • Fire protected sheets: 

Fire protected sheets have their importance mainly in the factories. Many big machines are working continuously in the factory. One of the reasons a device catches fire is friction produced in the machines. Therefore if the engine is coated with passive fire-protected sheets, then seeing the fire can be reduced to much extend.

Difference between active and passive fire protection

To protect the people from the fire evolved is not n easy task—the fire watching agencies work together with the support of many people. Most foreign countries insist on developing passive fire-protected buildings. The active and the passive unit of the fire protection work together to safeguard the people from the fire. 

  • Active fire protection: 

Active fire protection mainly deals with the fire to ultimately finish it from the roots. A fire is evolved in the entire building, and then people need some area or space from where they can escape. The active fire protection departments make sure that all the facilities are landed in a safe place. While constructing a building, suggest the engineers make an emergency window or the path to run over there to protect themselves.

  • Passive fire protection: 

Passive fire protection unit is pre-planned protection. It prevents the building from spreading the fire further in the buildings. Even the smoke of the fire is contained to infect the people. 

In short, the main difference is that active fire protection works at the time of the fire and helps people to escape from the scenario created. While the passive fire protection is in a pre-planned manner, it can protect the people for a short period from the fire’s sudden risk. Fire workers of both the unit act together for the people to ensure their safety.


The people always want a white-collar job. We should salute such kinds of peoples who serve them in the welfare of the people. The soldiers working on the boundary day and night for the nation’s protection, doctors and the nurses, police officers, and the fire workers risk their own lives and allow the people to stay an everyday life without any risk. Fire protection is a great job, and today we also have the girl candidate to serve the people. The feeling of humanity comes automatically by knowing and understanding the life of such people who are engaged in such kind of risky works. We should always encourage the efforts they put into the people.

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