Minimalist Loft by Oliver Interior Design

Minimalist Loft is an incredible residential project modelled by Ting Chung and Oliver Chung of Oliver interior design and placed in Gushan District, a district of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.

Small aspects imply a lot and that is precisely why internal trim and moulding can expand such elegant difference to the interior and passage of your residence. Putting in these excesses truly enrich the layout integrity of your house while room structure and entrances.

Minimalist Loft by Oliver Interior Design

Your home interior design can make and break the first impression. Because it’s the most important decision you make when it comes to decorating your home by interior designing. Our main goal is to create a spacious house that boasts of luxury.

we assume that home interior designing is more than elegant aesthetics and outstanding functionality. We purpose to render your home interior designing which would be a mirror of your personality.

This project has 423.5 SQM (4,560 SQFT) space, nowadays, modern people want their homes to be decorated with a contemporary style. It retains 5 bedrooms, living and kitchen. 

The passageway glances wide and keeps a gorgeous marble compartment. The kitchen and dining obtained open structure. The TV wall, a magnificent gaze sucking spot, glances to maintain an even intense feeling of expanse with stone paper decoration. The superior bedroom utilized a reflector or mirror to establish a midst of sight.

The whole project expresses the longing from supreme affluent Taiwanese to furnish a prosperous and not extravagance residing expanse for their household.


Our devoted home interior creators struggle with you irresistible to bind your modern designing with their artistic creativity, formulating the excellent interior design project.

Our workers will also assure that the strategy is enforced utilizing the substances of the elevated criteria. In expansion to amazing interior design suggestions, you can believe our unbroken assistance and employment for years to appear because all our commodities arrive with a 5-year guarantee. 

Every house is a different manifestation of its householders. we assure you to your home interior design is in keeping with your unique sense.

We work tough to fulfil your desires, all you need is to do chillax while everything is put up with the care of. Our professional team would cover you from vision to creating and designing to enactment.

The project managers supervise the immediate finalisation of your interior design and bring about certain the workflow is consolidated. They will also clarify to you about our endeavour details from conceptualising and formulating to conducting the home interior designing. 

So, what are you waiting for?


 Receive a free of cost conclusion or make a free meeting with our interior design team for elegant house interiors. We deliver you interior design notions for kitchen, living room and bedroom. We are essential in overall space-saving furniture, timeless TV unit designs, stunning wardrobe designs, modular kitchens and among others. What is further, we promise gorgeous interiors provided in short days or we expend you to lease. 

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