How to loosen nuts and bolts

It happens many times that the nuts and bolts in our home get stuck because of rusting and long time untouched. So to remove that easily, we have a variety of ways in which you can do it easily. If you’re facing any difficulty in removing or losing your nuts and bolts then you should follow the simple methods and steps mentioned in this article. This will help you to remove the nuts and bolts In such a way that it will not damage either the tool or the nuts and bolt.

Method 1: Use a 6-point wrench

You can use some muscle power while opening or losing them at some boards which got stuck by the rusting effect. You should use a six-point wrench which is Considered to be the perfect size to lose Your nuts and bolts. It will give a proper grip and tight muscle power by which you can open it easily. There are chances that the nuts and bolts got stuck by the rusting effect and thus you need to break the rust By doing momentum in loose and tight oscillation. If you do this carefully, the rust in the nuts and the bolts Will get easily break and then you can use your muscle power free handedly to open them quickly. If you’re planning to use a 12 point Wrench Then you should not use it because it is off slippery condition and it will not give you a proper grip and type bonding between the nuts and bolts. So try to use an original tool which can give a great effort and support to the group as well as tight bonding between the nuts and bolts and your muscle power.

Method 2: Use some oil

If the muscle power is not working properly in opening the nuts and the bolts then you can use Oil to give It some kind of lubricant which will lose enough the nuts and bolts that you can easily open it by a simple tool. For applying this method, you need a brush, a wire and some lubricant like an oil. You need to take out oil In the small box and then you can apply it on the brush. After this, you need to rub the brush on the area where it Got rust and then to apply it in the corners you will need a wire which will help you to do it properly. Once you start doing this smoothly, the lubricant will work properly on the area where it got stuck and then you can try again after leaving it for five minutes. Here you can use some muscle power to lose nuts and bolts. If it is still not opening properly then you can reapply the lubricant at the corners and then you can try again. Applying, again and again, will help you to lose nuts and bolts.

Method 3: Use Leverage

The other important method is to use leverage when any other thing is not working properly. The use of this method will not disappoint you because it has a tight grip and stronger bonding which can be used to lose any kind of nut and bolt.

If you’re facing any difficulty in using the previous two methods, then you can use this gently remove the nuts and bolts. Just keep it in mind get the nuts and bolts which have effected by the rusting Can be break by the hard use of leverage. If you don’t want your nuts and bolts to be a break, then you have to use the leverage very gently in such a way that it would lose the nuts and bolts easily and slowly.

If you do not keep it in mind, then you will have to face some damages and losses. Apart from it, the leverage has a long handle which helps you to hold it strongly in its length and you can also give it a proper force to remove the nuts and bolts. In the other kind of tools, you have to face difficulty in handling the tool.

Method 4: Provide Heat

If the situation is reached to that level of frustration where you are unable to remove the notes and boots then you have only one idea left with you which is to provide a strong and heavy Heat to the nuts and bolts by which it will get melt and then you can easily remove the obstacle or hard items Which are bothering you.

To perform this task, you have to arrange a heating machine or a fire gun which can be a target on the Nuts and bolts and then he will be able to melt them down. It is a very tricky process because a simple man with basic skills can now perform this task.

After all, it needs a lot of attention and perfection to perform this work. If you are not the appropriate person to perform this work, then you have to hire or arrange a person who can do this for you. If you don’t do this right, the nuts and bolts will melt in such a way that it would be very hard to remove them from any other tools. Also, you have to keep it in mind that the work must be done properly.

Method 5: Provide smoothness

This process is very similar to that of the first method in which you provide a kind of lubricant To the nuts and bolts. If all the methods mentioned above are not working properly then you have only Ds option left with you which will be providing you proper smoothness by which you can remove the nuts and bolts easily.

You don’t have to perform a very rocket science task. To perform this work you need only one candle and a matchstick. After you light the candle, the liquid form of the candle which it gets after the melting should be put into the rings of the bolts. Applying this liquid will help to provide a smooth lubricant to the bold and then you can lose the bolts and nuts Very easily by the help of any hardware tool which is used to lose the nuts and bolts. The working of the nuts and bolts becomes very hard and difficult when it gets stuck and we have to apply so many different kinds of methods to lose them up. Also, keep it in mind that you perform all the methods mentioned above properly.


The methods mentioned above need to be performed correctly to lose notes and boots properly because all the methods need a kind of proper attention and Application. The methods mentioned above are Best to apply when your nuts and bolts get stuck.

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