How to Build Shed Ramp

To ride vehicle directly into a shed on desired spot ramps are righteous choice to make.

To reduce the effort shed ramp can become accessible where instead of going through the difficulty of parking your vehicles and others. From riding it to using it over again, it shed ramp enables to ride vehicles in no time easily. We are here taking a look at guide how to build shed ramp with step by step guide, consider reading details until the end.

How to build a shed ramp?

We are here looking at a material listing that you will require before get started with the making of the shed ramp.

  • One 2*12
  • Hammer
  • Screws
  • T-square
  • Speed square
  • Tape measure
  • Four 2*6*8 boards

Once you have gathered all the necessary material for building a shed ramp, making it will become easier than ever before.

Step 1: chop the stringers

In the first step, start with measuring 2*12 from corners and start marking them with the pencil. The saw can come in handy for chopping line that you marked around the corners. Now start placing stringers side by side and arrange them evenly before beginning with the procedure.

Secure the stringers to the desk for preventing movement while settling of the ramp.

Step 2: attach boards to stringers

Start with the use of saw for chopping all of 2*4’s into two. Once you have chopped into half, prepare to drill threads required for screws. You need to now put screws into half chopped boards. Now, screw 2*4 into stringer just above the edge. You have to continue with the same procedure to get the complete ramp.

Note: ensure to check the edge of 2*4 for easily knowing which side should be on top to get the finest results. It might be tempting to place the shinier side of the board on top, but once ramp gets dried, it will start to cave in the same direction you placed it. Henceforth, make sure to choose the right direction for your board and make the right decision certainly.

Step 3: Get rid of excess upon stringers

With the help of Sawzall, you need to get rid of the excess upon stringer on each side of the ramp. It will be helpful to have a clean shed ramp for easier customization and easing out the job. Once it is cleared, you can proceed with further procedure.

Step 4: Do the placement of ramp right

Now, its time to place ramp. However, make sure to do the job precisely where you need to consider shed’s height and accordingly shift your ramp. For those who are unlikely to use smaller stringer can focus upon digging ramp into the ground for easy flushing along with shed entrance. To beef up the ramp, adding third-stringer in centre of the ramp can come in handy certainly.

Hence, this is an easy guide to build a ramp for the shed and make your task hassle-free. Getting a customized ramp is good, but this DIY will certainly reliable.

Benefits of having shed ramp

Shed ramp is added to sheds for a long time as they are plenty of benefits of having them.

Convenient and versatile addition to shed

For lawn owners shed ramps add convenience and versatility to their space. Those who have push lawn mowers will find this shed ramp incredible. Additionally, shed ramps are adjustable that ensures deck of the lawn isn’t caught on the floor’s edge. It is not required to keep your shed ramp always under a shed; instead, you can use it accordingly. By dropping down, your ramps doors can be shut with ease. For gardening purpose shed ramp can come in handy certainly for taking wheelbarrow inside and outside. If you don’t want to invest in a permanent option, it would be great to choose for aluminium ramps that are lightweight but highly credible.

Vehicle storage becomes hassle-free

If you are hassling for a longer time to get your vehicles inside riding lawn mowers, bicycles, wagons or boats then shed ramp is all you need. Push or ride of vehicle is easier than ever before. Hence, for perfect riding or pushing of vehicle surely shed ramp would be a great addition to your storage.

Easy to customize

With shed ramp, it becomes easier for one to customize ramp just as much required for your shed. Wooden ramps are highly convenient and customizable so you can customize accordingly so that it can fit your shed ramp without much hassle. From colour to size, everything can become for your choice to shed and lawn. There are plenty of ramps that you can choose for yourself, such as aluminium ramps that enhance look are lightweight and can be used for long term.

The portable building becomes accessible.

Shed ramps can come in handy for wheelchairs & walkers as well if you use the portable building as additional accommodation. It would be an incredible decision to choose for shed ramp for making it accessible to your portable building. For pet keepers who like to keep their pets in the shed would find it incredible. However, pets find it easier to navigate to the shed with ease of shed ramp as compared to the doorway. So, the portable building can become much help with the assistance of shed ramps.

Thus, these are some of the great benefits of customizing shed ramps for your place and attaining maximizing assistance. It is good for people to choose for a shed ramp according to your need in different material. People must be going for righteous decision and getting maximum benefits.


In conclusion, we can say that building a shed ramp is really helpful for towing your vehicles easily into the shed. No longer you have to hassle to get your vehicle parked rightly into a shed or make the physical effort. In addition, you may look up to the guide mentioned above to make DIY shed ramp for saving your money and doing a permanent job for yourself.

It is perfect to learn about the ground difference of your shed for successful making of shed ramp. We hope details stated above make sense to you in learning making and importance of shed ramp for easing out the job to park your vehicle into the shed.

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