You could be anywhere in the world and you may have taken several services for the betterment of life and your home, you may forget to appreciate them for what they provide but when it comes to the service providing by a Plumber you have no option left but to appreciate. The reason how Plumber can save more lives than Doctors could be unknown to you and it could seem exaggerated to you but after reading this article you will be convinced by the answer why plumbers are more valuable in this modern time and how they could save lives by providing their excellent services. Hence one conclusion can be drawn that Disease control is being accomplished by a joint effort by Doctor & Plumber.

Access to clean water

We open the tap multiple times throughout the day from weak up in the morning to go to sleep at night starting from brushing our teeth to washing our hands after dinner, but for some of us, the supply of clean water became so commonplace that we started taking it for granted and conceive a “let go” mentality for the professional who is working hard to keep the water clean and accessible to us and none other than those professional are Plumber, who is under the same roof with Doctors. You must be surprised to hear that there are still 750 million people around the globe struggling to receive clean water in their daily life and seeking help from the government.

We all agree that its hard to live without water as the basic composition of the human body is water, hence we can not deny the significance of clean water in our life but still, many parts of the country are struggling to provide clean drinking water to their natives and here is the significance of Plumber comes into play a crucial role and a plumber in a way or other is addressing the problem of availability of water in health, hygiene and many other sectors too, then we can easily conclude that a plumber is saving the lives of millions by fulfilling the needs of clean and accessible water.

Disease Control

According to the analysis done by the World Health Organization (WHO) & the United nation children’s Fund(UNICEF), more than 5 million children below age five are dying every year being a victim of Diarrhea which comes under top 10 lists of disease occurred by the unclean source of water. Most of these children receiving premature death by Diarrhea can be found in the rural areas of developing countries which indicates a harsh reality that around 2000 children sleeping in the lap of death each day by an easily controllable & preventable disease. The same reports also mentioned the leading cause for this illness in the rural area is the absence of water for proper sanitation, inadequate water for Hygiene & having unsafe water for drinking. This leads to many diseases like Guinea worm disease, Trachoma, and Schistosomiasis.

God plumbers are also responsible for making it easy for communities to receive clean and safe water. To provide you with clean and uncontaminated water as you open your faucet, a plumber’s role is crucial and their skill must be apprehended in this regard. A fragile plumbing system can cause a host of problem like a remarkable incident encountered by HongKong, the investigation of the outbreak of SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) surprised the govt officials because one of the prior reason indicated the unstructured plumbing system which compelled the government official to enlist the name of the plumber in the list of help& support.

We can not trigger the gun only resting it on the plumber’s shoulder as a reason for controlling waterborne disease, but their role is unprecedented in this regard thus a plumber must work diligently to serve humanity to provide uncontaminated water flow & should help to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as the doctor does.

Water Conservation

During a shortage of water, we can easily remember the contribution of a plumber, and their efforts are also appreciated for the artistry that enhances water efficiency. A plumbing system that is well structured and not containing any flaws or leaks is guaranteed to go a long way for the conservation of water efficiently. A good plumber can also go to the homeowner to suggest an innovative plumbing fixture and well-structured plumbing system which could best suitable for this home to maintain a well efficient water supply for the long term. Well, this may not directly involve in saving lives but their skill and artistry put a positive impact on society.

Mentioning this, a good plumber can save a life than a doctor can not downplay the importance of doctor in our society to serve humanity instead this article is intended to uprise the crucial contribution of the plumber that we overlook in our daily life. It would not be missteps to consider doctors themselves are grateful for the responsibility done by the plumber.

Modern plumbing has eradicated disease and saved countless lives

When we raise a question about saving lives, doctors are the one who drags the crown of attention of society but a plumber could be the answer for multiple reasons for saving lives. The utmost reason why waterborne diseases are being controlled throughout the world can be answered by a well-structured plumbing system & the modern water infrastructure. According to the analysis done by WHO, the modern era sewage system and uncontaminated water have played a significant role in saving the lives of millions by eradicating more diseases than doctors. If you visit Uganda, Nigeria, Guinea Equatorial, Angola, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Haiti, Botswana, Swaziland, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Zimbabwe, etc, you would not be surprised to discover that when it is improper and unstructured plumbing, the disease is prevalent. Exposing a bitter truth that a disease that could be recovered easily is getting worse due to the scarcity of clean water. The analysis also indicates that the Citizens sharing area with poor plumbing systems are having a drastically shorter life span.

Where the Weak Plumbing People Die

The quality of nation plumbing is directly related to the life expectancy of natives living inside the fence of it. The average life expectancy of the previously mentioned country is as follows 50 years for Nigeria, 50 years for Somalia, 50 years for Equatorial Guinea, Botswana is 53 years, Uganda is 52 years, Zimbabwe 46 years and Sierra Leone 46 years, Burundi for 48 years, Zambia for 46 years, etc. This indicates a low infant mortality rate compared to the other country having an average life expectancy rate of 80 years and more. You could also find where there are modern & well-structured plumbing people are living for over 100 years and the rate is quite high. One analytics showed that there were 72thausand Americans over 100 years of age in 2014 and now after a fully modified and well-equipped plumbing system the number of people is touching the life expectancy scoreboard of 100 are more in numbers. We can easily conclude that the life expectancy rate in between Zimbabwe & the united states is directly linked with the plumbing structured both the country is occupying.

Plumbing and Polio

Polio can be easily transmitted through the human waste product and the virus can accelerate their rate of production in  Fecal matter. Plumbing infrastructure and water sanitation in India is not well structured as compared to the rest of the industrialized world. In those areas having a well-planned plumbing system and having good sanitation and well-maintained hygiene, the rate of polio infection is rare in the scenario. Still today those areas are left behind to receive good sanitation and proper hygiene throughout the world is being encountered by polio.

India is now declared a “polio-free country” by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the Vaccination has gained a lot of attention. As per the report in 2009, India has been declared as the “polio capital” in the world as 700 cases of polio have been reported although in the year 2014 not a single case was found. But without proper sanitation not only for India but for other countries it will not be possible to maintain this result as by only immunization polio can be defeated.

India comes as the second largest populous nation in the world with around 1.2 million people and presently half of the Indian citizens around 750 million people still do not have access to a personal toilet and 96 million citizens are deprived of receiving clean drinking water. In the rural space of India, they prefer to bury the fecal matter than proper sanitation to maintain a healthy life. The efforts have been seen during the past year to improve the sanitation and plumbing infrastructure in rural areas but it is less in comparison to the efforts are being done to provide vaccines whereas both the things are necessary to see the glimpse of light and to eradicate polio.

One thing that must be mentioned here is that if India could improve its infrastructure towards effective plumbing, then many lives would be saved in the future.


After reading this article you must agree with one thing that modern plumbing infrastructure could be a pioneer towards saving lives. There are several incidents and the story of Pandemic you could find on the internet you will notice that one of the prior reasons would come out as a structural failure of the plumbing system.

Most of the country in the world is having an effective modern plumbing system only because they have more efficient Plumbers.

Our medical professionals and pharmaceuticals can claim themselves as the life-sever of millions but in reality, they are not the only Avengers in here, and from this article, we can now conclude with so many reasons that Professional Plumbers play a crucial role to save more lives than Doctors in day-to-day life and helping to stop spread disease.

Are you ready to give credit to the plumbers now?

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