exterior house paint colours

The exterior walls of the house can be painted with many colours such as classic, vintage, modern and traditional also. It is always important to figure out the architecture of your home and then decide what colour combinations will look best on it. You can Either go for light colours or dark colours if you have an ordinary house. But if you have a well-designed home, then you can also go for a better combination of both dark and bright colour.

10 most exterior house paint colours.

1. Ivory + White + Aqua

If you want a formal and decent colour which gives an immense feeling of the sober-looking, then you should go for this colour combination which will look Elegant on your home.

All the separate portions of the home can be decorated with wide varieties of colours and this colour combination is one of them which will give an attractive look to your home as never before. You can add this colour as per your choice but we have some better suggestions that you should choose the lighter colour on the part which will highlight your home.

2. Black + white + Ruby red

The red colour always highlights on whatever part it is painted. If you are having a big size of wooden doors and want to highlight your doors then you must go for the Ruby red colour which Will make the door more stylish and it will look great in the pictures.

Apart from this if you have a house like sloped ceiling then you can top them with the black colours on the roof and then you can drag it down with the white colour on the walls of the home.

3. Grey + White + Dove

The grey colour will give an adorable look to your house in whatever way it is printed by the levels. You can either get it done by the spray foam, are you can just get it done by the brush Mehta.

It will look adorable in both the styles. Also, it will give a proper shine in the sunlight and it will also look away better darker in the moonlight. To enhance the colour you can also add white and the dove colour On the walls which will together make a better combination on your house.

4. Deep sea + White + Red

This is another best colour combination which you can paint it on the walls of the home with the deep ocean blue colour in the strip-line form and then you can finish it with applying the white colour on the borders.

It will give a modern house look to your home in such a way that every single part and corner of your home will be highlighted in an attractive look. You can also add red colours on the stairs to highlight them because it will not get the dust easily in your house.

5. Black + White + Mediterranean blue

The manatees and colours on the main door look very luxurious if you have a well-designed home. It is always recommended that you should are higher in architecture to design your home in such a way that it can be modified in many ways in future.

Well, if you have done so then you are all set to go with many options. Here we have a better option of applying white colours on the Outer walls which will be finished by the black colours on the windows and then simply meditate blue colour on the gate.

6. White + Clay + Mossy green

It is a Mediterranean style colour which gives an essence of the forest field. Believe it or not, this colour combination will look extraordinary and unique from every house around you. You can also talk about the slow playroom with a pinch of red colour and also you can use white colours and the pillars. You don’t have to correct the colours of the whole house. Just keep it in mind that you should use the variety of colours on the parts which are highlighting and the parts which are not highlighting.

7. Yellow + White + Black

This colour combination is very Mesmerising and it will emphasise The architecture of the whole house because all the colours included in these combinations are the highlighted colours.

The most highlighting Colour yellow will give an attractive look to your house in which you can also add wouldn’t going to do the windows and doors which together become so cool that it will give a luxurious look to your house. Apart from this, you can and White colours to the borders and pillars of the home and then you can slightly add black colour to the border.

8. Mocha chocolate + ocean blue + Pale blue

If you have a wider free space outside your home then you can eat pale blue Colour on that part so that it will get a slightly darker shade on which people will standing without fear of making it dusty. It is seen that most of the houses in the city use this pale Colour on the outer area of their home just because it will catch dust slowly. You can add much a chocolate colour on the Doors and window and then you can add the whole new ocean blue colour on the main gate.

9.White + Green

This is a very decent colour which everybody wants for their home to merge it with the colour of the garden and the sky. The proper white colour of your home which will apply on the walls will match with the sky colour and the bordering colour or the green colour which will apply on the windows and doors will match with the garden in your home. All together will look so beautiful that an attractive image of the home will come out And it will be appreciated by all.

10.Taupe + Brown + Beige + rusty red

This colour combination is the eye-catching colour which will Give a proper landscape view to your house. This colour combination matches very much with the ground routes and it will give you a warm presence outside your home by seeing all the colours together. You can add which colour on the walls of your home along with the white borderlines and you can also add brown colour to the sloped roof which will look very stylish. Apart from this, you can add rusty red colour to the doors which will match with the glass windows.


All the colour combinations with giving you an attractive look to your home. If you have a well structured and designed home then you will have a lot of options that you can choose from. You can also modify the colour combinations mentioned above from the list to get a more unique colour.

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