Sooner or later, every kitchen needs to be taken up-to-date. Kitchen remodels share the first place with bathrooms when it comes to the frequency of home projects. And it’s not only about the resale value.

The kitchen is the heart of every home, a place where family and friends spend the most time together.  Families grow and evolve, and so do their preferences and tastes. A dream kitchen is a place where those tastes and preferences meet with functionality and durability. So let us see how to get there. 

Foundation For Dreams

We know that thinking about the budget at your disposal doesn’t sound like dreams coming true, but it is the first step. Awareness of how much you can invest represents a strong foundation for your dreams, preventing them to go up in smoke in the middle of the way.

It starts with the assessment of the current state of your kitchen. All you need is a simple list that includes essential features and those that you’d like to have. The final part of the equation is the amount you’re willing to pay. 

Always leave room for an extra 10% in your budget for small fixes that will certainly appear along the way. The most basic things such as cabinets, appliances, and countertops are easy to pinpoint but replacing worn-out gate valves or fixing other plumbing issues is not something you can predict at the beginning. 

No Need For a Clean Slate

The new look of your kitchen doesn’t mean the entire old one has to go. Everything you can keep adds to your budget. After all, dreams are always reality upgraded – with a twist. So, if your cabinets are still perfectly functional, that twist can come in the form of a new coat of paint and stylish handles. That will not only make them look new, but it will also liven up the rest of the space. 

With Environment and Wallet in Mind

While some of your day dreamings might not turn out to be a good investment, you can never go wrong with energy-efficient appliances. That way you’ll reduce both your electricity bills and a negative impact on the environment.  You don’t have to swap all of your old appliances right away – start with one or two that drain the most electricity and pick their Energy Star counterpart.

Style & Functionality

Don’t make the mistake of blindly following the latest trends. While your dream kitchen should be stylish, it should also be functional as that’s what leads to durability. The thing with trends is that most of them come and go, at a much faster pace than we can afford kitchen remodels.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check out the latest trends, but browse them with longevity in mind, especially when materials are concerned. For example, marble countertops or backsplashes will never go out of style because this material is practically timeless.

Of course, sturdiness mustn’t come at the price of comfort. Stone is extremely durable but it’s not the best flooring to stand on. Vinyl or laminate is cheap and easy to maintain, and modern technology can make it look like old-fashioned hardwood.

Spaciousness is a Double-Edged Sword

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a dream kitchen needs to be extremely spacious.  But the truth is that we often don’t need a very large workplace. In fact, spaciousness may take from the kitchen’s functionality – if the space between the island and the counter is too broad you’ll have to walk back and forth constantly.

Of course, this depends on your family’s needs, so let them dictate the desirable distance. If you have a big family and plan on entertaining every weekend that may require more space. But if you desire more space only for occasional big entertainment, it would be wiser to invest in innovations such as a Galley Workstation. 

Closer Together

As we’ve said, the kitchen is a place where the family spends a lot of time together. But it’s also a place where we can end up spending a lot of time alone preparing meals. Those boring and lonely hours certainly aren’t a part of anyone’s dream, so you should go for an open plan that will merge the kitchen with the living or dining room. All you need to do is to knock down some walls, but only after you’re sure that they’re not weight-bearing ones!  


Poor lighting can ruin all your effort so far. It will make preparing food difficult and family time strenuous on the eyes. On the other hand, adequate and ample lighting will make every kitchen look more modern, airy, and spacious. As with everything else, kitchen illumination also needs to be a mix of style and functionality. Overhead lights can take care of the first, and built-it cabinet lights are perfect for the second. 

A carefully planned budget will allow you to get a hold of important features by enabling you to save where you can. Sometimes you should invest, but sometimes all you need is a refurnishing twist. A road to a dream kitchen is not necessarily the one of spaciousness and magnificence, but the one that leads between style and functionality, straining to the heart of each family member.

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